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Summer Sale & Free Shipping on Orders Over $59!

Leather Knowledge And Care Recommendations

Preserving the beauty and functionality of your cherished items ensures they accompany you for years in pristine condition. On our Product Care Recommendations page, delve into comprehensive guidelines and expert advice tailored for a variety of materials. Discover the nuances of caring for silk, top-grain leather, and waxed canvas. Embrace our tips and techniques to maintain the luster and durability of your valued possessions, ensuring they remain timeless treasures in your collection.


Full-Grain Leather 101: Understanding the Basics

Full-Grain Leather: Why It's Worth the Investment

Full-Grain Leather: Superior to Synthetics

Comparing Full-Grain Leather to Other Types of Leather

Caring for Your Full-Grain Leather Handbag: Essential Tips

How to Protect Full-Grain Leather from Water and Stains

The Natural Beauty of Full-Grain Leather: Embracing Imperfections

Identifying Genuine Full-Grain Leather: Tips for Buyers  

Waxed Canvas Care